Discover how three pioneering art collectives are reshaping Singapore's artistic scene through community-driven initiatives and inclusive spaces.

Encounter The Self-sufficient Art Providers Revolutionizing Singapore’s Artistic Scene.

As our local art scene continues to develop, it is the individuals and spaces that prioritize community and inclusivity that are most valuable. Three independent art collectives shaping Singapore’s artistic scence future share their commitment to embracing the community and instigating change.

Tucked away on the second floor of Peninsula Shopping Centre, amidst camera shops and vintage clothing stores, lies Dblspce—an artistic incubator filled with natural light and raw charm. Co-founded by Sab Koh and Kimberly Shen, Dblspce offers artist residencies and mentorship programs, providing a space for reflection and creative exploration.

In its three cycles since 2021, Dblspce has hosted over 25 artists from various disciplines, fostering an environment for experimentation and collaboration. By prioritizing process over outcomes, Dblspce encourages artists to delve into new ideas and revisit old ones, free from the constraints of traditional art spaces.

Dblspce’s commitment to accessibility extends beyond its physical space, aiming to demystify the artistic process for mall-goers and art enthusiasts alike. By showcasing art in a public setting, Dblspce invites everyone to engage with art in their own way, fostering a deeper connection between artists and the community.

Art Again, a digital secondary art marketplace founded by Milon Goh and Chingyi Chua, offers a platform for buying and selling pre-owned art. By democratizing art ownership and making the art-buying process transparent and accessible, Art Again encourages people from all walks of life to start their own art collection journey.

Supper House, a creative hub founded by Ashley Chiam, aims to bridge the gap between different creative disciplines and industries. By fostering meaningful connections between artists and the community, Supper House creates space for shared experiences and conversations, enriching Singapore’s art scene one interaction at a time.

Together, these art collectives embody the spirit of collaboration and inclusivity, driving positive change in Singapore’s evolving art landscape. Through their dedication to community engagement and artistic innovation, they inspire us to reimagine the role of art in our lives and society.


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