School K-Dramas

7 Best School K-dramas of All Time

One of the most popular types of Korean dramas is high-school dramas.

Teen romance series, often featuring love triangles, are commonly seen in this genre. However, over the years, high-school dramas have become more diverse and complex, especially with the rise of streaming platforms.

Here is a ranking of the top 7 high-school K-dramas:

The Heirs

Starring Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye, and Kim Woo-bin, this glossy hit series follows the story of a chaebol heir attending a prestigious high school. It offers all the elements of teen romance and showcases an impressive cast.

Weak Hero Class

Standing out from the romance-dominated list, Weak Hero Class is an intense series on Wavve Original. It revolves around three high-school students who must confront the bullies. The show combines thrilling fight scenes with intriguing alliances. Season two is set to release next year.

Reply 1997

The first installment of the popular Reply anthology series, Reply 1997 focuses on a high-school student in 1997 who admires the K-pop band H.O.T. Set in Busan, the show incorporates a vibrant dialect along with youthful romance and personal struggles.


This dark high-school drama on Netflix centers around a resourceful young man who secretly operates as an online pimp for underage prostitutes. The show sheds light on the darker aspects of youth crime in contemporary Korean society.

Extraordinary You

In this delightful series, a high-school student discovers that she is a character in a comic book and attempts to break free from the constraints of her predetermined story. Extraordinary You lovingly parodies the genre while delivering a tender and lively teen romance.

School 2013

Considered one of the best seasons of the School series, School 2013 portrays two teachers with different teaching philosophies dealing with a challenging group of students who bring their troubled backgrounds into the classroom. It features a talented cast and explores themes of perseverance and pursuing dreams.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Topping the list is Twenty-Five Twenty-One, a 2022 K-drama featuring Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk. Set against the backdrop of Korea’s 1997 financial crisis, the series follows a determined student’s journey to join a fencing team while navigating love and personal growth.

These high-school K-dramas offer a variety of engaging storylines, from romance to friendship and personal struggles, making them enjoyable for teenage viewers.

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