In order to maintain calm, Paltrow says she has to put in a lot of effort. And here's the story of Gwyneth Paltrow to find her wellness.

Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Her Step to FInd Wellness

Gwyneth Paltrow, the actor and entrepreneur, has been under the intense scrutiny of the Hollywood spotlight since a young age. She openly admits to being prone to worry and easily getting stressed out. In order to maintain calm, Paltrow says she has to put in a lot of effort.

Being in the public eye adds an extra layer of stress that most people don’t have to deal with, and she acknowledges that it can be exhausting. However, she has developed maturity and learned not to engage with the projections and opinions of others.

Paltrow’s recent collaboration with the meditation app Moments of Space is part of her journey towards self-love. At 51 years old, she feels she knows herself well and has become friends with herself. She no longer spends time worrying about what others think of her because she finds it unbeneficial. Strengthening her relationship with herself is of great value to her.

The app, powered by artificial intelligence, promotes an eyes-open approach to meditation, allowing users to stay engaged with the world while meditating. Paltrow was drawn to the project because she felt it was missing from her brand, Goop, which focuses on lifestyle and wellness.

She discovered that she could enter a meditative state while taking walks alone in nature but was unaware that there was an actual practice called eyes-open meditation. During the interview, she demonstrated the practice, explaining that she could still formulate thoughts and have a conversation while tapping into a reservoir of calm.

Paltrow has not acted in nearly four years, leading to speculation about whether she is on a hiatus or has retired from Hollywood. She clarified that her day job at her company is all-encompassing and doesn’t leave room for pursuing acting at the moment. However, she leaves the possibility open, stating that she has learned never to say never.


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