Why this skin revival treatment by Merz Aesthetics became an integral part of Kim So Hyun’s skincare routine

Discover why Kim So Hyun has incorporated this skin revival treatment by Merz Aesthetics into her skincare regimen.

Kim So Hyun, a popular Korean actress, has become the face of Merz Aesthetics’ skin revival treatment, which promises to revolutionize your skincare routine by providing a radiant and glowing complexion.

In the fast-paced and ever-changing beauty industry, consistency can be hard to find. With the rise of platforms like TikTok and Douyin, beauty trends and buzzwords come and go quickly. That’s why treatments and solutions that have stood the test of time hold particular value, as they demonstrate their effectiveness and potency. One such category is skin revival treatments that utilize unique technologies to deliver long-lasting and sustainable results.

Hydration is a key element in achieving a smooth and youthful complexion, free from fine lines and sagging. Therefore, hydration-focused skin revival treatments have become highly sought after by beauty enthusiasts. Kim So Hyun, a renowned Korean actress known as “the nation’s little sister,” is no exception. She has become the ambassador for Merz Aesthetics’ complexion-reviving treatment, which aims to improve skin softness, enhance hydration, and increase firmness.

The treatment’s magic lies in its injectable format, allowing licensed doctors to precisely distribute the product to the mid- to deep dermis layers of the skin where it is needed. The result is a healthy and radiant visage that can last up to nine months. Kim So Hyun shares her beauty philosophy and self-care secrets, emphasizing the importance of hydration, basic skincare practices like sunscreen application, and making self-care a part of daily routines.

For Kim So Hyun, self-care goes beyond outward appearance and encompasses taking care of one’s inner self. Understanding oneself is crucial for effective self-care. Additionally, she emphasizes the benefits of staying hydrated and engaging in physical activity for overall well-being and stress reduction.

When it comes to skincare, Kim So Hyun believes in prevention and starting anti-aging routines or treatments as early as possible. Having started her career at a young age and being exposed to pollutants, she recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy complexion and treating it well.

Kim So Hyun’s personal definition of beauty goes beyond superficial appearance. While external beauty is important, she believes that self-confidence comes from knowing and loving oneself.

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