Contrary to popular belief, face mists are not just bottles of thermal or mineral water. They don’t just refresh your skin but also replenishes any moisture that you might have lost throughout the day.

Also, face mists are also a great addition to your beauty arsenal because it can be applied even over makeup, so you can keep flakes and dullness at bay even with a full face of makeup on.

The best part of it all? These face mists also boasts heaps of amazing skincare benefits in a matter of seconds. Scroll through the gallery for our favourite face mists that will provide you with a midday pick-me-up.

1. Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist ($43)

PHOTO: Sephora Sg

Product claims: This ultra-fine, hydrating mist is said to boosts your skin’s radiance while enhancing your makeup. Formulated with AHAs to smooth, apple cider vinegar to balance control sebum production and rice germ oil to protect your skin against free radicals.

You can apply it when your skin need a quick pick-me-up, as a toner or even as a makeup enhancer to refresh your look and hydrate your skin throughout the day — for a plump and bouncy complexion.

Verdict: If you love the smell of watermelons, this mist smells and feels like a dream. It lives up to it’s ultra-fine properties and it refreshes your skin instantly. What I like most about it is that it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and it doesn’t give off that mid-day oil slick even after spraying it multiple times too.

2. The Body Shop Mint Mattifying Face Mist ($12)

PHOTO: The Body Shop

Product claims: The Body Shop’s Mint Mattifying Face Mist is said to keep your skin looking mattified and shine-free, while reducing the appearance of oiliness on your face.

It’s also infused with a blend of mint, seaweed extracts and kaolin clay that are said to leave your skin feeling hydrated and instantly refreshed.

Verdict: With shine-prone complexions in mind, this mist is perfect when you’re struggling with an unsightly oily skin. I use this everyday when it’s especially hot and humid as it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and revitalised, while keeping it matte.

However, it’s not recommended for those who prefer a dewy complexion as this spray does a great job at mattifying your skin.

3. Payot Anti-Pollution Revivifying Mist ($28)


Product claims: This airy water mist promises to keep the skin refreshed, radiant and invigorated. Formulated without alcohol, this mist doesn’t just hydrate the skin and protect it from pollution. It also doubles up as a setting spray to keep your makeup intact all day.

Verdict: One spritz and the skin instantly feels refreshed and energised, making it a perfect pick-me-up during midday meetings.

The hyaluronic acid infused in the mist also helps the skin appear smoother and brighter over prolonged use.

4. Joawe Hydrating Water Mist ($18)


Product claims: This mist is made of the brand’s patented antioxidant, lumiphenols, derived from a European medicinal plant known as the common houseleek.

The antioxidant is said to detoxify, repair skin, and boost its radiance. Like with all other Jowae products, this mist contains an average of 93 per cent natural ingredients and is free from nasties like parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, silicone and synthetic colouring.

Verdict: This mist sprays on evenly and smells great. Plus, it’s gentle enough so you don’t have to worry about your makeup smearing.

5. Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water ($18.90)

PHOTO: Shopee

Product claims: Minerals are important to keep skin in a healthy balance. This mist is made of 15 minerals to rebalance skin’s pH level, strengthen and protect skin from external aggressors.

Verdict: This super fine mist leaves a cooling sensation on the face so it’s perfect for hot days. It does take a little extra time to dry on your face compared to other mists we’ve tried, but blotting with a tissue helps.

6. Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner ($59)

PHOTO: Hush,sg

Product claims: This purifying and soothing mist has witch hazel, green tea and willow bark to treat oily, blemish prone skin.

Verdict: It has a very faint floral scent. Spritzing it on is a whole sensory experience. It cools and hydrates our skin when we need a midday pick-me-up and makes our makeup look more even (when we’ve applied a little too much foundation on). It doesn’t irritate our skin or aggravate breakouts.

7. Fresh Vitamin Nectar Anti-oxidant Glow Water Skin Nutrition Face Mist ($39)


Product claims: Packed with skin-brightening nutrients derived from citrus fruit, plus a blend of magnesium or zinc, this energizing spray helps to rejuvenate tired and dull skin.

Verdict: When we get stuck at our desks between back-to-back meetings, a few spritzes of this is just enough to put us in a more relaxed state of mind. In addition to giving our complexion a youthful glow, this mist also has a pleasant and fresh fragrance.

8. CNP Propolis Ampule Mist ($23.80)


Product claims: Formulated with Amazon bee’s propolis extracts, this mist delivers intensive hydration for tired and dehydrated skin.

Verdict: Like a drink for the face, this facial spray gives the skin a long-lasting lit-from-within glow.

It also has a specially-designed nozzle spray, which creates fine particles that not only helps with the absorption of the product into the skin but also to perk up your makeup through the day to prevent the skin from feeling dry after makeup.

Great for those with sensitive skin, this facial spray feels super gentle and soothing on skin.

9. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Essence Mist ($54)


Product claims: This clarifying facial mist that is made with moisturising hyaluronic acid, toning cucumber, and calming chamomile, can be used to refresh your face and set your makeup.

Verdict: It delivers exactly what it promises. You will get a major surge of moisture with each spray which gets pumped out in an even mist.

If you work in a dry office, this facial mist will reinvigorate and transform your crypt-keeper like skin in seconds.

Also, this product works well even when you have a full face of makeup on (no foundation separation whatsoever).

10. 3ina The Fixing Spray ($23)


Product claims: This multi-tasker primes and preps the skin for makeup, fixes it in place and keeps it refreshed throughout the day.

Verdict: This happens to be one of the dewiest mists on our list. Hence, we recommend spritzing it before not after makeup.

If your skin is parched and flaky, you will get an otherworldly gleam with a liberal spray of this face mist.

However, if your skin is on the oiler side, you might want to give this product a skip because it might be a little too heavy for you.

11. First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Vital Greens Face Mist ($30)


Product claims: This botanically based spray is made with a foundation of kale, spinach and Jericho to help reduce redness and douse the skin with moisture.

Verdict: Good things do come in small packages. This cooling face mist feels like a gust of cool wind when spritzed on a flushed face.

In addition to conditioning the skin, we love using this as a makeup setting spray to achieve that ethereal glow.

This face mists takes a little longer to dry so you might want to lightly tap and work the product into your skin.

12. Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist ($35)


Product claims: Made with moisturising mineral water and quinoa extract, this mist is designed to mimic the moisture found naturally in the skin to restore its natural balance.

Verdict: For starters, this mist smells absolutely heavenly. Just like the rest of products from South Korean brand’s Water Bank range, this product delivers a hydration boost when your skin needs it the most.

We did notice that this works better as a pre-cursor to your makeup primer or foundation as opposed to a setting spray because it causes foundation on the skin to break down.

13. MKUP Q10 Moisturising Mist ($26.90)


Product claims: This hydrating mist by the Taiwanese brand, MKUP, harnesses to power of the coenzyme Q10 to amp up the moisture in your skin while also promoting cell turnover.

Verdict:  The first thing you will notice about this product is its fresh and light scent. The superfine mist leaves the skin feeling refreshed and moist.

Because it is alcohol-free, you don’t have to worry about the product drying out your skin or irritating the skin. It also adds just the right amount of glow.

14. Olive Real Oil Mist ($15)


Product claims: Infused with organic olives, this face mist promises to create the perfect moisture and oil balance to keep blemishes at bay while refreshing your complexion.

Verdict: This mist is a breeze to use because it doesn’t come up in a harsh burst. It feels comfortably refreshing on the skin (neither sopping wet nor greasy) and the skin feels less tight and dry.

We recommend using this spray to prep the skin for a mid-day touch-up, especially for those with dry and flaky skin, because this mist creates a smooth canvas for your base makeup to glide on seamlessly.

15. Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist AD ($18)


Product claims: This floral scented face mist is brimming with natural hydrating ingredients to give your skin an instant boost of hydration.

Verdict: If you are new to this Korean skincare brand, this is the perfect entry into their line of floral infused products.

This face mist sprays on gently and evenly thanks to its micro-application, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup getting smudged.

For midday touch-ups on thirsty skin, you can try spritzing some of this hydrating mist on a beauty blender before blending out your foundation or concealer.

16. SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence ($93)


Product claims: Packed with a high level of the brand’s signature pitera and unique moisturelock complex, this mist will penetrate through makeup and lock in moisture to hydrate your skin while keeping your makeup in place.

Verdict: All of the potent ingredients from the brand’s famed essence are stored inside this spray bottle. It is great for both setting your makeup as well as refreshing your complexion.

We’re not going to lie – the only drawback to this mist is its smell. Even though it does smell a little pungent, this fragrance-free product is going to be better for your skin in the long run.