Netflix just dropped a new trailer for Bridgerton's third season, and it's clear that Regencycore enthusiasts will have plenty to enjoy.

Bridgerton Season 3 Fashion: Regencycore at Its Finest

Netflix just dropped a new trailer for Bridgerton’s third season, and it’s clear that Regencycore enthusiasts will have plenty to enjoy. Fans were quick to praise the stunning costumes featured in the latest Bridgerton teaser. One fan commented, “The fabrics this season make everyone look even more gorgeous,” while another was captivated by Simone Ashley’s attire, remarking, “the bronze is phenomenal on her” and “Kate’s dress perfectly blends English and Indian elegance.” Clearly, the outfits have made quite the impression on the audience.

What is Regencycore, Actually?

The fashion of “Bridgerton” has made such a mark that it has popularized ‘regencycore’ as a major trend. Fans are embracing this style, sporting empire waist dresses, golden metallic hues, exquisite craftsmanship, bustiers, and a current favorite among fashionistas—opera gloves.

“Regencycore” is a fashion aesthetic inspired by the Regency era in England, which roughly spans the early 19th century. Regencycore focuses on romantic and opulent elements characteristic of the 1810s, such as empire waist dresses, intricate tailoring, luxurious fabrics, floral prints, ruffles, and detailed embellishments.

The aesthetic emphasizes femininity and elegance, often incorporating accessories like pearl necklaces, feather headbands, lace gloves, and pastel or floral motifs. It’s a celebration of historical fashion with a modern twist, appealing to those who enjoy blending vintage charm with contemporary fashion.

The latest images from Bridgerton Season 3 showcase a stunning array of fashion, featuring Penelope, played by Nicola Coughlan. She emerges from the background in an empire waist gown adorned with delicate florals and soft pastels, symbolizing her rising prominence in society.

This season, fashion is more than just backdrop—it’s a key element of the story. Penelope’s outfits are rich with luxurious textures and sparkling necklaces, highlighting her character development. Expect to see her in gowns with detailed beading and elegant gloves.

Penelope, Our Queen of Regencycore

Bridgerton is celebrated for its vibrant and extravagant Regencycore costumes, though some critics argue about its historical accuracy.

Since its debut in 2021, the series has ignited a trend in Regencycore. Fans quickly took to TikTok, sharing videos of themselves in homemade outfits reminiscent of the early 1800s, boosting the demand for corsets, pearl and feather headbands, and long gloves. The costumes remain as flamboyant as before, featuring everything from frilly pink dresses to oversized wigs.

This season, Nicola’s character is transitioning from her iconic canary yellow outfits to a wardrobe that reflects her evolving feelings for Mr. Bridgerton. Her costumes are blossoming into more sophisticated shades of green and blue, signaling a shift towards a more mature and elegant aesthetic.

The subtle ‘unintentional’ matching moment in season three of Bridgerton offers a hint at the evolving relationship between Penelope and Colin. Nicola Coughlan stuns in a duck egg blue gown adorned with pale pink, nature-inspired details. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, Colin is seen wearing a cravat in a similar spring-inspired soft blue. This color coordination subtly suggests a deepening connection between their characters.

Nicola exudes sultry glamour in a deep green gown, jeweled with emeralds of the same shade. This look is dramatically accented with sheer, black arm-length gloves, a timeless accessory that bridges the gap between Regency-era fashion and contemporary style.

Bridgerton Season 3 is set to premiere on Netflix in two segments, with the first part launching on May 16, 2024, and the second following on June 13, 2024.

Photos courtesy of Netflix

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