If you love Netflix's movie Irish Wish, discover the source of Lindsay Lohan's outfits.

The Romantic and Enchanting Wardrobe of Lindsay Lohan in “Irish Wish”

Let’s steal the style from Irish Wish, the rom-com haven that gets us swooning over Irish-influenced wardrobes that are both cute and stylish!

Moschino Wool Jacket in Irish Wish

Traveling to picturesque Ireland for your best friend’s wedding sounds like a dream, but for Maddie Kelly in “Irish Wish,” it’s complicated because she’s in love with the groom. To top it off, she’s also a bridesmaid. Despite the emotional turmoil, Maddie ensures she’s dressed impeccably, embodying style and grace under pressure. A standout piece from her wardrobe is the vibrant teal Moschino frayed checked wool jacket. Paired with a simple white broderie anglaise shirt and jeans, this jacket makes a bold statement when she first encounters the charming James Thomas.

Maje Yellow Ribbed Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater in Irish Wish

In a realm filled with myths and magic, making a wish in Ireland requires a bit of caution, especially when you’re leaning against an ancient rock under a venerable cherry blossom tree. However, Maddie Kelly comes prepared for every moment in “Irish Wish,” even for life-altering wishes. Among her meticulously chosen outfits is a luxurious cashmere turtleneck sweater in a bright and sunny yellow from Maje, ideal for embracing a new beginning on an Irish hillside. This vibrant sweater not only complements the scenic backdrop but also symbolizes her hope for a fresh start.

Teal Flounce Robe in Irish Wish

Luckily, Maddie had packed some elegant lingerie and robes from Victoria’s Secret for her trip. This turned out to be quite fortunate when she woke up to discover that the cherry blossom petals swirling around her had seemingly sealed her fate as the soon-to-be Mrs. Paul Kennedy.

Her outfit, featuring delicate satin fabric with flouncy three-quarter sleeves and enticing lacy details at the hem and cuffs, looked stunning. The dark teal blue robe from Victoria’s Secret perfectly complemented her fiery red curls, adding an extra touch of elegance to her bridal look.

Multicolored Tweed Maje Mini-dress in Irish Wish

Maddie Kelly loves colorful outfits, and even her more subdued choices are vibrant. Take, for example, her multicolored Maje Tweed Mini Shirt Dress—it blends shades from pink to blue, and even a hint of green. She complements it perfectly with a matching green leather belt from Maje.

Burberry Tan Check Dress of Maddie Kelly in Irish Wish

Maddie’s love for high-end fashion shines through, even when she tries to tone it down with a plum purple suede moto jacket over her distinctive Burberry dress. The shirt dress, made from Burberry Check cotton twill, showcases the iconic plaid pattern of tan brown, white, black, and red that Burberry is world-famous for. This dress is unmistakably Burberry, adding yet another stylish plaid piece to Maddie’s vibrant designer wardrobe.

Ralph Lauren Hali Check Dress and Cropped Denim Jacket

Like any classic rom-com, Maddie Kelly seems to have everything she could want, signaling it’s time for a new love interest to appear. James brings out Maddie’s fun and relatable side, especially highlighted through her wardrobe in “Irish Wish.” Continuing to showcase her luxury designer pieces, Maddie wears a Ralph Lauren Hali checked shirt dress, ideal for day trips with its long sleeves, button-up front, and tie waist belt. She pairs it with a cropped denim jacket, adding a simple yet rugged touch to the vibrant colors of the dress.

Source: Elemental Spot

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