Petit Bateau has been dressing little ones and grownups since 1893 and is famous for the quality of the fabrics knitted in our own factories with unparalleled savoir-faire.

The French brand has become a symbol of transgenerational style, from newborns to adults. The company employs nearly 3,000 people worldwide with respect for each individual and for the planet.


Petit Bateau kicks off 2021 with a tribute to its history. The studio has updated several versions of a “Toile de Jouy” print from the 1990s: a summertime promenade along the river during “Paris-Plages”… a little cat strolling around Notre Dame… heart motifs… “Paris, je t’aime” graphic statements… a clever dog fishing on the banks of the Seine.

Whatever your age, with PETIT BATEAU you are always a child at heart. The whole family comes together, at home or for a walk in the woods, wearing the same iconic pattern: the PETIT BATEAU stripe. Finally, the rainwear range adds an invigorating shade of red and a new trench coat with the PETIT BATEAU touch.

Since 1918 and the invention of the panty, Petit Bateau has continued to offer innovations every season. As summers got warmer and warmer, knitwear designers developed new finer fabrics. Our patternmakers updated silhouettes for even more practicality and comfort (the 2-in-1 body-bloomer for babies, flared dresses for girls, more relaxed fit unisex t-shirts for adults). Petit Bateau stylists modernized iconic designs (new stripes of all sizes, the trench raincoat…).


Nature flourishes more than ever in the Summer 2021 collection. Exclusive prints are inspired by the fruits and flowers of Claude Monet’s gardens in Giverny, while sea creatures draw kids’ curious gaze to the ocean and illustrate nature’s many forms of beauty.

Petit Bateau also continues to demonstrate our commitment to the planet: in addition to the renowned quality and durability of our clothing, the brand is increasing the offer of responsible fiber materials to reduce our environmental impact (organic cotton, linen, polyester and polyamide fibers from recycled plastics, Lyocell-cotton blend).