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“The Matchmakers” Still on Top of Monday-Tuesday Dramas

KBS2’s “The Matchmakers” continues to dominate the ratings, maintaining its top position with an average nationwide viewership rating of 4.3 percent, the same as its previous episode. On the other hand, episode 7 of tvN’s “A Bloody Lucky Day” experienced a slight decline in ratings with an average nationwide rating of 2.1 percent.

Additionally, episode 5 of ENA’s “Tell Me You Love Me” saw a slight decrease in ratings, earning an average nationwide rating of 1.9 percent, compared to its previous episode’s personal best score of 2.0 percent. Are you currently watching any of these dramas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The Matchmakers is a Korean historical romantic comedy drama that premiered on October 30, 2023 on KBS2 and Viu. It stars Rowoon and Cho Yi-hyun as two widowed matchmakers who team up to help four young maidens find their husbands in Joseon era. The drama has 16 episodes and is rated 91/100 by AsianWiki users.

Sim Jung-Woo (Rowoon) is an intelligent and handsome young man. He was the youngest to place first in the state examination, but he was picked to become the princess’ husband. During their wedding ceremony, the princess suddenly died. Sim Jung-Woo’s life changed and he became the most unfortunate man. According to the Joseon period custom, he is not able to take the government post and he can’t remarry. He then becomes involved with Jung Soon-Deok (Cho Yi-hyun). Jung Soon-Deok is a widow whose late husband was the second son of the first vice-premier. She secretly leads another life under the pseudonym of Yeojoo-daek. As Yeojoo-daek, she works as a matchmaker and also peddler of women’s items like cosmetics and accessories. She is the best matchmaker in the capital city of Hanyang. Sim Jung-Woo and Jung Soon-Deok become involved with each other and they try to get older single men and women to marry as matchmakers.

Rowoon and Cho Yi-hyun are the main actors of The Matchmakers, a Korean historical romantic comedy drama. They play the roles of Shim Jung-woo and Jung Soon-deok, two widowed matchmakers who try to help four young maidens find their husbands in Joseon era.

Rowoon is a singer and actor who debuted as a member of the boy group SF9 in 2016. He has also appeared in dramas such as Extraordinary You, She Would Never Know, and School 2021. He is known for his handsome appearance and tall height (191 cm).

Cho Yi-hyun is an actress who debuted in 2017 with the web drama Somehow 18. She has also starred in dramas such as School 2021, Nobody Knows, and Live On. She is known for her cute and charming personality and acting skills.

Rowoon and Cho Yi-hyun have shown great chemistry in The Matchmakers, both on and off screen. They have received praise from viewers and critics for their comedic and romantic scenes. According to the news, they have also launched three unique matchmaking operations in the drama. You can watch the latest episodes of The Matchmakers on KBS2 and Viu. 😊

The other side, A Bloody Lucky Day’, the most fun and touching K-Drama I’ve watched recently. This drama is a fantasy romance about the love between a vampire and a human. The male protagonist, who became a vampire, decides to marry a human woman to change his fate. Is this marriage going to bring luck to both of them, as the title suggests? Or is it going to cause misery? You’ll have to watch it yourself to find out. I felt so many emotions while watching this drama.

Everything was perfect: the direction, the acting, the music, the story. Especially, the male protagonist’s character was so attractive. He had human feelings and struggles despite being a vampire, and he expressed his love sincerely to the female protagonist. And she also responded to his love and brought changes to her life. Their romance was full of sweet and thrilling scenes. But, the love between a vampire and a human is not easy. They face conflicts with each other’s worlds, families, friends, and go through dangers and pains along the way. The drama shows how they overcome these difficulties and find happiness. I laughed and cried and was immersed all day while watching this drama. I think this drama is a very well-made work. You won’t regret it if you watch it once.

The last one, “Tell Me You Love Me” is a K-Drama that will make you feel a lot of emotions, from anger to sadness to sympathy. It is not a typical romance drama, but rather a mature and realistic one. If you are looking for a drama that will challenge you and make you think, then you might want to give this one a try.

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