TRENDZ, the K-pop boy band, has garnered immense appreciation from their fans, known as “FriendZ.” Let's know their thoughts

Celebrating the Global Takeover of TRENDZ: A Recap of Their Impressive World Tour

Attention all K-pop enthusiasts! If you haven’t heard of TRENDZ yet, buckle up because this seven-member boy band is about to take the world by storm. 🌍 Let’s dive into a recap of their recent “NEW DAYZ” world tour and explore why TRENDZ has captured the hearts of fans globally.

TRENDZ, pronounced “trend zee,” burst onto the scene in 2022 under the Global H Media label. The members – Havit, Leon, Yoonwoo, Hankook, ra.L, Eunil, and Yechan – quickly made a name for themselves with their impressive vocal and dance skills, not to mention their irresistible personalities. Their debut mini-album, “Blue Set Chapter 1,” set the stage for their meteoric rise to fame.

TRENDZ Takes Europe by Storm

The Europe leg of their “NEW DAYZ” world tour kicked off in Marrakesh, Morocco, on March 7, 2024, and let me tell you, the energy was off the charts! The boys then headed to Casablanca for a second show, leaving the Moroccan TRENDZ fans absolutely ecstatic.

But the European adventure didn’t stop there. Next up, the group performed in Bucharest, Romania, captivating the audience with their slick choreography and infectious charm. The European Dreamers (that’s what TRENDZ fans call themselves) were absolutely thrilled to witness their idols live on stage, singing and dancing their hearts out.

Connecting with Fans in Jakarta

In June 2023, TRENDZ took a break from their world tour to hold a special fan meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event, dubbed the “Dreamers x TRENDZ Fanmeeting,” was held at HUB Life, Taman Anggrek Mall, and it was a truly unforgettable experience for both the band and their devoted Indonesian fans.

The boys interacted with their FriendZ (that’s the name of the official TRENDZ fandom) through fun games, heartfelt conversations, and, of course, electrifying performances. The Jakarta Dreamers were over the moon to be able to connect with their idols up close and personal, solidifying the unbreakable bond between TRENDZ and their global fanbase.

Standout Performances and Upcoming Releases

But the TRENDZ journey doesn’t stop there. In 2023, the group made a powerful appearance at the 28th Dream Concert in Seoul, South Korea, sharing the stage with other K-pop heavy-hitters like Red Velvet, NCT Dream, and AB6IX. Their performance was nothing short of mesmerizing, leaving the audience in awe of their talents.

And the best is yet to come! TRENDZ is gearing up to release their third single, “Still On My Way,” in September 2024. This highly anticipated track is sure to be a hit, further solidifying their position as one of the most exciting K-pop acts on the scene.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. After the single release, TRENDZ will embark on another world tour, taking their electrifying show to even more countries across Asia, the United States, and Europe. Fans in Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, France, the UK, and beyond can look forward to seeing the boys live and in person, as they continue to captivate audiences around the globe.

The Rise of the TRENDZ Fandom

So, what is it about TRENDZ that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide? Well, let me tell you, these boys have been building a loyal following even before their official debut.

During their “Inter Boys” days, TRENDZ wowed fans with their high-quality dance cover videos on YouTube, including a mind-blowing rendition of Stray Kids’ “Back Door.” This early exposure helped them cultivate a global fanbase, who were eager to see what the group had in store.

But TRENDZ’s unique origin story is also a big part of their appeal. As the first idol boy band launched by a major corporation (Interpark) not traditionally associated with the entertainment industry, the group has an intriguing and unconventional backstory that has piqued the curiosity of fans.

And let’s not forget about the sheer determination and hard work the members have put in to deliver exceptional performances. The TRENDZ boys have expressed their deep gratitude for the unwavering support of their FriendZ, emphasizing how touched they are by the love and encouragement they receive, even during non-project periods.

This dedication to their craft and their fans has undoubtedly contributed to the group’s rapidly growing popularity. Dreamers around the world eagerly await each new TRENDZ release and tour announcement, excited to witness their idols conquer stages near and far.


TRENDZ’s journey is just getting started, and the future looks brighter than ever for this talented K-pop group. From their electric performances in Europe to their heartwarming fan meetings in Indonesia, these boys have proven that they have what it takes to become global superstars.

So, let’s give a round of applause to TRENDZ and their devoted FriendZ. As the group continues to captivate audiences worldwide, we can’t wait to see what they have in store next. Keep an eye out, because this is just the beginning of the TRENDZ takeover. 🌟


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