How does the food in K-dramas look so good? Thank this food stylist, a trailblazer in her field and we can see many beautiful K-Food

The Power of Food Stylist in K-Drama

Ko Young-ok of Chorokchanjang Studio is something of a trailblazer in her field – she is South Korea’s to begin with “full-time” nourishment beautician for K-Drama, Korean shows and movies, a career which genuinely kicked off with MBC’s 2006 sentiment dramatization Princess Hours.

“Back at that point, the calling of a nourishment beautician was fair rising. Regularly, the nourishment seen in shows was arranged by [a broadcasting company’s] nourishment group staffers,” Ko says. “I was the primary full-time nourishment beautician contracted for that drama.”

Ko has worked on a number of hit appears amid her 20-plus-year career, numerous of which made a difference fuel the K-drama rage around the world.

She has worked on appears counting Coffee Ruler (2007), Boys Over Blossoms (2009), Let’s Eat (2013), Mr. Ruler (2020), Renewed Wealthy (2022) and The Illegal Marriage (2022).
Ko, who considered French writing at Korea National Open College, set out on a two-year nourishment styling course at the Asian Nourishment and Nourishment Inquire about Organized at Ewha Womans College in 2002.

Her to begin with nourishment styling work for a tv appear – lunchboxes for a five-minute dramatization arrangement in 2003 – came when she was still a understudy. The arrangement told the stories of conventional individuals in ordinary circumstances and was lauded for its reasonable depiction of Korean life.

“Director Hwang In-roi needed truly extraordinary lunchboxes but, back at that point, there were no beautiful lunchboxes,” Ko reviews. “I had to make them from scratch. It took a few days to get ready lunchboxes.”

After that involvement, Hwang called her once more for his sentiment show Princess Hours. The appear, set in an substitute 21st-century Korea that has kept its government and majestic family, tells the story of Crown Sovereign Lee Shin (Ju Ji-hoon) and his bride Chae-kyeong (Yun Eun-hye).

“Everything was kept mystery and I fair carried scissors and wire with me fair in case. After I arrived in Macau, I listened that I had to plan for a wedding scene,” she says. “I ran around the roads at night to discover materials to form corsages, a blossom crown and blossom enhancements for a church wedding. I went through all night making bloom props.”

Concurring to Ko, nourishment scenes in shows require at slightest two to three individuals to get ready it, whereas party scenes require at slightest five. The party scene for Renewed Wealthy, a daydream show telling the story of a family-owned trade aggregate, was a enormous challenge.

“It took about two months for me to induce prepared for the brief party scene of the show. It was very exorbitant as well, to tell the truth. Tallying everything counting work costs, the scene alone taken a toll the generation group 50 million won [US$37,000].”

Ko says a nourishment beautician ought to be the one who “plans the space”, and colour plays an critical part.

“Colour sets the tone. When I was planning the nourishment scene of the film The Sword with No Name (2009) – set amid the Joseon line and featuring the Sovereign Myeongseong – the executive needed the colour of the nourishments to be dim, suggesting her approaching fate {her assassination],” she clarifies.

“I frequently exhort my understudies that nourishment beauticians ought to epitomize the qualities of all-round performers, serving as jacks of all trades,” she says. “It doesn’t matter how costly the plate is, in the event that the nourishment complements it superbly, it’ll see amazing.”


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