Greta Lee has quietly become this year’s best dressed

Greta Lee has quietly become this year’s best dressed

Greta Lee has captured our hearts with her candidness about attending a parent-teacher evening in full-on Vogue glamour after rushing from set to school. Despite now residing in the hilly outskirts of LA and raising chickens, she still knows how to make a fashion statement when she embraces the fantasy of it all.

From her Loewe campaign to promoting the film “Past Lives,” where she delivers a remarkable performance that may earn her an Academy Award nomination, Greta exudes confidence and style. Whether she’s rocking crushed velvet Bottega with wet-look hair or sporting The Row with an interesting hat, her red-carpet looks reflect her multifaceted personality.

Stylist Danielle Goldberg’s mission is to ensure Greta feels like herself, with a touch of rebellion and a hint of sportiness. And when it comes to Jonathan Anderson’s designs, Greta is a perfect match. His playful and unconventional approach resonates with her, allowing her to explore her identity through fashion.

Growing up in LA, Greta embraced different styles to fit into various social groups. From Mickey tees and tube skirts to broderie anglaise tops and dungarees, she shapes her style according to who she wants to be at any given time. Her fashion choices are not about looking cool but about experimenting and intriguing us.

Greta Lee is a breath of fresh air in the world of fashion. Her willingness to take risks and defy expectations sets her apart. She continues to surprise us, proving that her versatility and authenticity make her truly captivating.

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