Discover the top trends from the Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2025 runway shows, including baggy shorts and skirts, etc!

Paris Men’s Fashion Week: The Baggy, The Bold, and The Bodacious!

Hey there fashion fans! If you tuned in to the latest Paris Men’s Fashion Week for Spring-Summer 2025, you probably noticed some wild and wonderful trends hitting the runways. From voluminous shorts and skirts to eye-catching graphic tees, the style icons of tomorrow are shaking things up in a major way. Let’s dive into the top looks that have us seriously inspired!

Baggy Shorts and Skirts Take Center Stage

One of the biggest trends we saw dominating the Paris catwalks this season was the rise of the baggy short and skirt. I’m talking big, billowy silhouettes that hit right around the knee – not your average slim shorts and sleek skirts. These oversized bottoms added such an interesting, almost sculptural element to both formal and casual getups.

The vibe was very 90s skater meets high-fashion, with designers putting their own unique spin on the look. Some went for classic khaki or denim, while others experimented with bold prints and patterns. And the best part? This trend is totally wearable for us regular folks, not just runway models. Pair those voluminous shorts with a tucked-in tee and some sneakers for an effortlessly cool everyday look.

Slogan Tees with Social Commentary

Another huge trend we saw storming the Paris streets was the return of the statement tee. But this time around, the slogans packed a punch. Gone are the simple “New York” or “Paris” graphics – today’s fashion icons want their shirts to make a statement.

Some drew inspiration from the punk aesthetic of Vivienne Westwood, with newspaper-style prints delivering messages about politics, sustainability, and social issues. Others took a more playful, ironic approach, riffing on retro pop culture references a la early 2000s. The common thread? These tees are anything but basic.

Of course, you don’t have to go for the most out-there, controversial graphic to rock this look. Even a well-placed word or two can make a bold style statement. Try pairing an eye-catching slogan top with sleek trousers and loafers for a fresh, modern take on the trend.

Bring on the Bodacious Tanks

While we’re on the topic of statement-making tops, let’s talk about another Paris Fashion Week favorite: the bold, blingy tank top. Forget simple white ribbed undershirts – the tanks we saw storming the runways this season were anything but basic.

Designers went all-out with floral prints, asymmetric cuts, and luxurious satin or silk fabrics. The vibe was very 90s supermodel off-duty, with a modern high-fashion twist. And speaking of 90s vibes, we also spotted some muscle tees and basketball jerseys making a comeback, reinterpreted through a high-end lens.

The great thing about this trend is that it allows you to show off your hard-earned guns while still looking effortlessly stylish. Pair one of these statement tanks with some relaxed trousers and sandals for a look that’s equal parts trendy and comfortable.

Over-the-Shoulder Sweaters Get a Refresh

Remember that classic preppy look of the over-the-shoulder sweater, a la 80s heartthrob Donald Sutherland? Well, the Paris runways proved that this iconic style is making a major comeback – with a modern high-fashion twist, of course.

Designers played around with oversized, drapey silhouettes, experimenting with camouflage prints, graphic designs, and bold color blocking. The result was a fresh, cool-kid take on the preppy staple that felt both nostalgic and totally of-the-moment.

The great thing about this trend is its versatility. Throw an over-the-shoulder sweater on over a crisp button-down and slacks for a polished, sophisticated vibe. Or keep it casual with some distressed denim and sneakers. Either way, you’ll be serving up major style points.

So there you have it, fashion fans – the top trends that ruled the Paris Men’s Fashion Week runways for Spring-Summer 2025. From voluminous bottoms to bold, graphic tees, these looks prove that the future of menswear is anything but boring.

Of course, Paris is always full of style surprises, so who knows what other trends might pop up between now and next season. But one thing’s for sure – the style icons of tomorrow aren’t afraid to take risks and push boundaries.

So if you’re looking to amp up your wardrobe, keep an eye out for these fresh, forward-thinking trends. With a little creativity and confidence, you can rock these looks like a true Parisian fashionista. Happy styling!


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