In March, as awards season and the fall/winter 2024 fashion circuit came to a close, we witnessed mesmerizing celebrity beauty.

The Best of Celebrity Beauty in March 2024

Over the past decade, we have witnessed significant transformations in the celebrity beauty industry. Gone are the days when celebrity beauty secrets were kept hidden, only to be revealed on the red carpet. We have now entered an era of social media, where professional artists share how-to tutorials, content creators divulge their cosmetic hacks, and A-listers showcase their full-face routines. This shift has allowed us all to embrace self-expression through platforms like Instagram and TikTok. For some, applying makeup or creating unique nail designs has become an art form to express themselves. Pop culture has also played a significant role, with visual aesthetics inspired by ’80s films or popular shows like Euphoria, bringing a Y2K vibe. Both new creators and established personalities experiment with makeup looks that are trending or share one-time thematic looks for others to recreate.

The question then arises: how can we find the best beauty trends amidst this vast array of options? Makeup trends typically originate somewhere, and learning from seasoned celebrities is a great starting point, especially if you feel overwhelmed. Vogue Singapore can assist you in this regard, with their monthly compilation of captivating beauty moments from Hollywood, the K-pop scene, and more, providing fresh inspiration.

In March, as awards season and the fall/winter 2024 fashion circuit came to a close, we witnessed mesmerizing beauty choices by some of the biggest stars worldwide. The Oscars alone showcased Zendaya, Greta Lee, and Jennifer Lawrence, each offering their unique interpretation of timeless glamour. Igari makeup, known for its flushed and radiant look, is making a comeback, as seen on Jennie and Le Sserafim Yunjin’s Instagram posts. In the hair department, tousled hairstyles have become increasingly popular, with Kristen Stewart’s mullet gaining attention.

Take a moment to enjoy the full collection of this month’s best celebrity beauty moments below.


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