I opted for "bare" French tips

I opted for “bare” French tips

I have a deep love for getting my nails done. Although the process can be time-consuming, the results never fail to boost my mood. Instead of regular gel manicures every two weeks, I switched to CND’s Plexigel, which has made a significant difference. Now, I can go a full four weeks between appointments, and the addition of builder gel has resolved the issue of overgrown hyponychium.

Even though I can go a month without needing a touch-up, I prefer natural looks that grow out gracefully. I avoid dark colors and trendy 3D embellishments like “junk” nails. Recently, I discovered the “naked” French tips trend and found it quite intriguing.

French manicures are making a comeback, and the naked French tip trend puts a modern twist on the classic style. It enhances the natural beauty of your nails while creating a diffused French manicure effect.

According to Vanessa Sanchez-McCullough, a celebrity nail artist, in the past, there was a popular style called “forever French nails” that used pink and white acrylic powder. However, it fell out of favor due to its stark appearance. Naked French tips, on the other hand, offer a clean and natural look without being too intense or harsh. It gives the illusion of wearing clear polish while still covering any imperfections, as Sanchez-McCullough explains.

According to Sanchez-McCullough, the tone and color of Porcelain are a very soft white, making it ideal for this trend. After allowing it to cure, she went back to fill in any gaps, ensuring that the color was evenly distributed on the tip.

Next, she applied CND Plexigel in Oatmilk over the entire nail. Oatmilk is her preferred shade because it has a milky appearance without being overly opaque. Using a neutral color along the cuticle line has the advantage of seamless grow-out, as Sanchez-McCullough explains. The natural hue of CND Oatmilk blends in with the nail’s natural color, making any regrowth less noticeable.

After the first coat, she applied another layer of CND Plexigel Shaper Gel to refine the nail’s shape without compromising the colors already applied. This clear, thin viscosity gel prevents the nail from appearing bulky. To complete the manicure, she used CND Plexigel Top Coat and allowed it to cure.
The end result was truly the manicure I had always dreamed of. Normally, I prefer sheer colors that reveal the white of my nails, but they are not all uniform in size or shape. This French tip provided a sense of uniformity and made my nails look flawlessly natural. I am absolutely obsessed with this trend and plan on repeating it countless times until I tire of it, which I highly doubt will happen anytime soon.

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