PETALING JAYA, Feb 11 — Korean actor Jung Il-woo has confessed to taking over 70,000 photos in the past decade in order to deal with his amnesia.

Jung talked about his experience on the Korean variety show Phone Cleansing and recalled a serious car accident in 2006 that left him with partial memory loss.

This caused the 33-year-old to forget parts of his past, such as how he had met certain people.

“For example, I know who an acquaintance is, but I don’t remember where I met them,” he said, based on translations by Koreaboo.

The Moon Embracing the Sun star said he takes several photos and videos of his daily life without deleting them to preserve his memories.

Within 10 years, he had accumulated more than 70,000 photos in total.

Jung also admitted to struggling with his mental health due to his condition and his subsequent diagnosis with a cerebral aneurysm in 2016.

“I had horrible migraines when filming the drama Golden Rainbow and I was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm.

“If my blood vessel (in my brain) expands and bursts, I’ll die. I don’t know when it’ll burst.

“I had severe depression, so I didn’t see anyone or even leave my house for a month.”

Jung managed to turn things around in 2019 after he achieved his long-time goal of hiking the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain.

He adopted a new mindset of living life in the present which has helped him with looking after his mental health.

“I was anxious, which comes with this profession, but after that, I decided to enjoy my life in the present,” he said.