From a shy girl to a confident woman, here is our lovely meeting with Nasya Marcella where she reveals all about her career, beauty secret and resolution for 2021.

Photographer Zaky Akbar @udaeki

Fashion Director Rut Caroline @carolinemeliala

Makeup Ryan Ogilvy @ryanogilvy

Hair Chikie Vers @chikievers


  1. You start your career as a model, and when did it happen when you take a turn into acting career?

At first, memang tujuan awalnya bisa berakting di production house yang terkenal. Tapi karena dulu aku pemalu, akhirnya coba untuk sesuatu yang nggak perlu berbicara di depan orang banyak yaitu jadi model catwalk atau photo shoot saha. Tapi lama-lama aku terbiasa dengan shooting dan dapat tawaran shooting sinetron untuk pertama kalinya. Sejak itu sampai sekarang aku sudah mulai banyak mendalami akting.


  1. Well, with your busy schedules, how do you manage your fit body?

My routine to keep health is by sleeping for eight hours minimum, getting exercise minimal two times a week… I do pilates now, taking vitamins, consuming healthy foods…I am tryinng to avoid sugar and greasy foods and drinking water at least one litre per day.


  1. And since we are amazed by your beauty, can you share us your beauty secret?

– Sleep well

– Cleanse your face 2 times daily

 – Don’t sleep with makeup on

– Use skincare according to your skin type

– Use sunscreen everyday

– Don’t smoke cigarettes 


  1. What is your style’ signature and who is your fashion role model?

I think my style is a feminine. When i attend a formal event, i usually dress in smart casual. When i’m in the day off, i wear casual lil bit of sporty look. 

I don’t really have fashion role model. Maybe it’s my mom.


  1. Year end is just around the corner, how do you conclude your 2020 by far?

2020 is a miracle for me. Banyak orang kena  virus covid 19. Tapi Puji Tuhan, aku sekeluarga selalu sehat dan jauh dari penyakit. Banyak juga entertainment atau bidang pekerjaan lainya yang terhambat. Tapi Puji Tuhan juga di tahun 2020 aku bisa dapat project 1 film dan 2 web series. What a blessed year 🙏🏻


  1. What kind of lesson learned that you’ve got this year?

Always take care of your health. Because the greatest wealth is health.


  1. Do you have resolutions for 2021? What are those?

-Berlatih tennis lebih giat lagi

-Makan sayur lebih banyak

-Tergabung dalam project film yang keren

-Bisa lebih hemat lagi dalam berbelanja terutama belanja online