D-muse Magazine met Elly while she was in Bali last September, just a month after her last visit to the Island of Gods. In town for her good friend’s wedding, she arrived together with her “Gucci Gang” from Hong Kong, but graciously agreed to a cover shoot with us during her vacation. With her inimitable style and infectious manner that we can’t help but love, Elly was the perfect cover girl for D-Muse’s first ever edition to epitomize the muse for the next-generation. Here are the reason why we believe that Elly Lam is one of a kind.

1. She is Fashion’s Most exciting muse

Elly is no stranger to high fashion, but she believes in being fashion forward and not just simply following current style trends. This is probably what makes her a desired brand ambassador by global luxury fashion brands all over. Speaking of her own style, Elly comments that while she does frequently wear luxury brands such as Dior and Gucci, but she also has a special place in her heart for Alexander Wang, 3.1 Philiip Lim as well as up-and-coming contemporary designers like I.am.Gia and Réalisation Par. “Mix it up and play around. Life’s too short to have only one particular style”

2. Family Girl

But despite her glamorous appearance, nothing means more to Elly than friends and family. The daughter of Hong Kong tycoon Peter Lam and actress-turned-socialite Lynn Hsieh definitely puts family first, and makes a point to keep in constant communication with her family members despite not always being in the same geographical location due to constant travel. In fact friends are one of the big reasons Elly is constantly on the move, with good friends scattered all over the globe.

3. The It Girl

It is not uncommon to see Elly mixed in the company of A-listers like Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner at events all around the world. Elly shared that she especially enjoyed meeting Bella [Hadid] as she was very humble and friendly, in addition to having the most similar style interests as herself – “Dior and Chromehearts – that’s us!” enthuses Elly. Another close group of friends Elly keeps are her fellow debutantes from when she represented Hong Kong four years ago at the Parisian Le Bal des Débutantes, one of the most prestigious debutante balls. She was there with 23 other girls from all over the world and some of them have become lifelong friends.

4. Think French, Stay Thin (we meant by food)

Her body may skinny, but Like many millennials today, Elly has a passion for food, travel, and parties. She even has an Instagram handle devoted to food @ellyxbelly. But she believes in venturing off the beaten track, and exploring lesser known locales.

5. Inspiring Jet-Setter

She shared with us the memorable trip of road-tripping from Serbia to Croatia to Italy this summer with her best friends, recounting the experience of enjoying authentic Italian cuisine and making her own pasta from scratch as her favorites.
Whether road tripping through Europe or dancing away at beach clubs in Bali, Elly believes in living life to the fullest, and despite her remarkable achievements in entertainment and fashion to date, she shared that there will be much more to come.



The future is bright indeed for this young muse and we at D-Muse look forward to even more exciting stories to come from Elly Lam!